DIY Tutorial: Folding Beach Bag

In Hong Kong, if we exclude the few summer typhoons, we can say that it is nice and warm from May to November. Shorts, swimsuits, light dresses and sandalettes therefore logically occupy most of the wardrobe! And then when you wake up in the morning, with a view like that of your apartment, you say to yourself that a little bag sun sun to put your stuff and go down to the pool or the beach, it would be all bad …

And THE tote bag by definition, it’s really the Longchamp® Folding … Affordable while remaining a “brand” of good quality, mega simple, practical and spacious (I do not know if it is said for a bag). The only problem is that everyone has it. And overall I find them a little too classic or on the contrary completely too funky and “unassailable” when they associate with some designers. And definitely unsuitable for the pool!

So I decided (to try) to do my Longchamp ® Folding, canvas that breathes sun and summer! I used a cloth of the Sun Canvas (the Collioure Roy), made in France, in a small valley of the Pyrenees ^^ I am very fan of Toiles du Soleil, if I had a house in France I think that everything would be Canvas of the Sun because these fabrics breathe the holidays!

Here’s how you also make your shopping bag Longchamp ®, with the exception of some rather delicate details that I zapped (like the details in the corners over the zipper), it’s easy! And if you have a robust stitcher it’s very easy!

Small addition of February 2016: To make perfect and clean corners on both sides of the closure, Hélène (For my pretty kids) wrote a great tutorial that you can find on the Journal de Saxe. Its cover is almost like the bag, so you should have no trouble integrating its instructions in this tutorial 😉 It will be even easier if you cut the pattern of the bag into 2 pieces to be able to put it flat by closing flash.

Material (for a bag 40cm long):

80cm of fairly thick and rigid fabrics or 50cm if you can cut in the other direction, perpendicular to the straight thread, or if you have a high width;
a zipper of more than 40 cm (I took a 50cm that I enter the bag);
a push button and the necessary to put it, I used a KAM resin pressure;
strong and thick wire type wire for jeans;
2 times 54cm of cable of about 7mm in diameter, or a door seal of this dimension to slide in the handle and stiffen it, the best it is a cable which takes again its form after you have bent it, to have beautiful handles, well rounded. You can alternatively use 70cm handles directly;
the free template to download here, if you want different sizes it’s quite possible! It will just master the rule of three to keep the same proportions. If you have a question do not hesitate to ask me a comment below the article! Be careful the pattern includes 1cm of seam allowance all around, except at the zipper where 2cm are included;
pen, pins, ironing board, machine and all the usual stuff.