Instructions to make fabric tote bag

One day, I decided to remove the plastic from my house. And it was not an easy thing. There are still many at home, especially in the children’s room! Also, I try to be careful about cooking utensils and all the things I do not want to replace in … a year or two. Long live the durable objects!

But let’s go back to the children’s room. The toys of our two little pieces of cabbage began to accumulate in the bedrooms and then in the living room. I first ran a beautiful wooden chest in a garage sale but it was not enough. And as I saw the cars being scattered in the living room and then in the kitchen, I decided that I needed to find a practical and off-road way of storage. And no way to buy plastic crates, so I had the idea to sew a large tote bag that can lug around the house (convenient when you tidy up) and above all, big enough to welcome about fifty cars …

For this beautiful fabric tote bag, you need:

Fabric (two different patterns if possible)
Some thread
A pair of scissors
A sewing machine
Instructions :

For the handles, cut 2 rectangles of 35 cm x 10 cm in the same fabric.

Then cut 5 squares of fabric (35 cm x 35 cm) in each color, which will make 10 squares in total. Margins (1cm) are included. Sew according to the diagrams below, each color corresponding to the assembly.

Sew the rectangles to form handles, then assemble everything with the handles at the top, on each side of the bag. (I know, the explanations are rather sketchy, I suppose you already know a little about sewing). The seams are inside, this bag allows you to use it on both sides!

It is big enough to be used as a shopping bag, beach bag, to store magazines, books, etc. Moreover, I will have to sew others to accommodate wooden trains and blankets of Titi and Dodo. In any case, this bag is very practical and, importantly, it is at the height of small children.