Easy DIY: Tote bag cutting in wax fabrics

Who does not have a bag stuffed at home? Practical and useful, it’s the accessory that will follow you everywhere this summer; at the beach, in the countryside or in the mountains! With this tutorial, you learn how to sew a totebag in a few steps.
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Beginner in sewing, do not be afraid! Feel free to go to our toolbox to know how to start in sewing or in our tutorials section for more sewing.

To your sons, to your needles, sew …

This tutorial requires the use of an iron and a sewing machine.

Step 1 :
After ironing your fabric, cut 3 rectangles:

2 handles: 7,5cm * 80cm
1 body of the bag: 31cm * 78cm

2nd step :
Take a handle and fold it in half, upside down and iron.
Do the same with the other handle.

Step 3:
Fold each edge of 1cm and iron again.

Step 4:
You can now sew your handle to 0.3mm from the edge. Once sewing done, iron.
Do the same with the other handle.

Step 5:
Fold the body of the bag in two, place it side by side and sew the vertical ends at first in single point and then in zigzag stitch.

Step 6:
On the top of your bag right side up, flip the fabric 3 cm.

Step 7:
Now place your handles 5.5cm from the outside edge. Pin them so that the handles do not move for the next steps.

Step 8:
Then turn inside 0,5mm of fabrics, not forgetting to watch if your handles are well placed.

Step 9:
Make a first stitch at 0.3mm, then a second stitch to consolidate your bag and the position of the handles.