And THE tote bag by definition, it’s really the Longchamp® Folding … Affordable while remaining a “brand” of good quality, mega simple, practical and spacious (I do not know if it is said for a bag). The only problem is that everyone has it. And overall I find them a little too classic or on the contrary completely too funky and “unassailable” when they associate with some designers. And definitely unsuitable for the pool!

So I



Small addition of February 2016: To make perfect and clean corners on both sides of the closure, Hélène (For my pretty kids) wrote a great tutorial that you can find on the Journal de Saxe. Its cover is almost like the bag, so you should have no trouble integrating its instructions in this tutorial 😉 It will be even easier if you cut the pattern of the bag into 2 pieces to be able to put it flat by closing flash.

One day, I decided to remove the plastic from my house. And it was not an easy thing. There are still many at home, especially in the children’s room! Also, I try to be careful about cooking utensils and all the things I do not want to replace in … a year or two. Long live the durable objects!

But let’s go back to the children’s room. The toys of our two little pieces of cabbage began to accumulate in the bedrooms and then in the living room. I first ran a beautiful wooden chest in a garage sale but it was not enough. And as I saw the cars being scattered in the living room and then in the kitchen, I decided that I needed to find a practical and off-road way of storage. And no way to buy plastic crates, so I had the idea to sew a large tote bag that can lug around the house (convenient when you tidy up) and above all, big enough to welcome about fifty cars …


The twins are now at the nanny, I needed a bag to carry their stuff from one house to another each day.

I already had a bag to change but too small. I thought of a simple form, a little retro, so here is my version of the diaper bag.

Obviously, this bag can have multiple uses and is not limited to the diaper bag.I advise you to use fabrics with the outfit. If this is not the case, heat the inside or outside fabrics. This bag must be held so that one admires its pretty shape.



Looking for a beach bag that is practical, trendy and eye-catching? See what beauties we found for everyone’s taste and pocketsTemperatures ruthlessly picked up, and most are barely waiting to flock to the sea, but to go to the beach, apart from bathing suit trends, you need an appropriate large beach bag in which you can put all the supplies like towels, spare bikinis, sunscreen, magazines, sunglasses … Basically, you realize, the list is long.Though many men think that the woman does not care what kind of bag she will carry to the beach, because – ‘who will see you there?’, They get angry. We all want to have a quality, striking and trendy bag that is both practical and eye-catching.In the last two seasons we are witnessing the general mourning for strawbags or ilkers who won the trend of the first. The big beach waiters have become so hit that this season was followed by a sequel – smaller strawberry bags for a more elegant variant or a walk around the city.If you are also a fan of big straw bags, then it is worthwhile to get a handmade cake maker, decorated with woolen pompons, lace or painted with colorful motifs and various inscriptions, as the domestic brands do.If you are one of those ladies who did not fall in love with the checkers, nothing is. Popular high street brands like Asos and Stradivarius offer effective cloth bags that are an unmistakable choice. We turned into an online store and found the most beautiful beach bags for everyone’s budget that you will not be able to resist.